Discocó Suspension MARSET

Discocó Suspension
White, Grey, Beige, Black-gold, Turquouis Blue
Ø352, Ø530, Ø680, Ø880, Ø1320 (mm)
ABS, Chrome

Discocó   by Christophe Mathieu, 2008


피어나는 꽃송이를 연상시키는 팬던트 조명.

35개의 동글 납작한 원반 조각의 안쪽면이 흰색으로 되어있어 빛을 더욱 선명하게 반사시켜

사이사이로 은은하게 새어나온다.

색상은 화이트, 터콰이즈 블루, 샌드, 초콜렛, 블랙 골드 이렇게 다섯가지 컬러로 제작되어

다양하게 활용할 수 있다.





Christophe Mathieu



Christophe Mathieu Germany

His name is French and he was born in Germany, but his Spanish accent points to the Canary Islands, where he grew up. He reached Barcelona in the mid-1980’s to finish his degree in interior design. Soon afterward he headed to Milan, where he discovered industrial design collaborating with the architect Marco Zanuso jr. in the development of products for companies such as De Padova, Menphis and Driade; the architects Roberto Menghi y Giulio Crespi; the industrial designer Sergio Coppola and the architect Antonio Zanuso in the prize-winning project for the Piazza della Republica. His time in Milan had a profound effect on him. A restless man, he seems to carry those traveling genes of his Belgian ancestors who ventured to move to Spain in the 1960’s. With an architect and handyman father (he made lamps at home using the origami he learned while working in Germany), 30 years ago Christophe Mathieu transitioned from being a professional competitive swimmer to the world of design. He is open to unforeseen events in life and does not discount the possibility of one day maybe leaving it all and doing something totally different. Having lived in Barcelona for years now, he is one of Marset’s veteran designers and has created several successful products for the company.